Second annual service at HWM

As the car is nearly 2 years old it's time for a service! There is no longer a factory service option, so I took it to the nearest Authorised Dealer which is HWM Caterham in Walton-on-Thames. The car is still under its 2 year warranty period which ends at the start of August.

I left Romford at 5:30am, getting over the Dartford Crossing before they start charging, and headed to Cobham Services for breakfast. Arrived at HWM just before 8am and Dan was already there opening up. The workshop is full of cars!

London AR David North still has his car there, awaiting further upgrades..

The Crazy Horse spec'd Super Seven 1600 is there, I quite like the chrome interior mirror, may have to get one.

Dan did an initial inspection and sent a video review.

Apart from changing the oil, coolant, and spark plugs the only issue was the Lambda sensor which was replaced. The fuel tank has a small leak, I'll have to decide if it's worth replacing it before the warranty runs out. Apart from that, all good!