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Cars on the Green

A beautiful sunny winter day, and what better to do than a car meet at Eel Brook Common in Fulham. This was organised by Tom at Supercars Europe, check out his channel here . Definitely an interesting mix of vehicles from the London classic car scene, including this 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB. Dino still looking great.. Thanks to Nick at the London group for the invite.

JWM front suspension top joints

After 7,000 miles one of the rubber boots on the front suspension top joints has split. Whilst it's not a serious problem, it can be an MOT issue in the future. So, I decided to get replacement top joints from Jack Webb Motorsports. These are a better quality item, they don't use boots, and are very easy to remove from the upright to adjust the camber. I decided to try and fit them myself, as follows. The main issue is getting the original top joint out. This is difficult as the taper on the joint is well lodged into the upright. Having got the front of the car on 2 axles stands, this is what we're faced with. First thing is to remove the rubber boot, which I did with a chisel, and remove the lower nut. Then we need to use a ball joint splitter tool to force the unit out of the upright. I got this from Halfords. One problem was that the black bolt was too long for the space in the upright, so required shortening by 10mm with an angle grinder. Having done that you can wedge

London Super Sevens

Despite it being 2 degrees I did breakfast at St James's Square with London AR David and my Super Seven 1600 twin, Nick. Nick's car is a 2021 in Saxony Grey with ginger leather interior, including the seats. Looks great!

Caterham 1997 Brochure

I love the old brochures from the 1990s. I used to order them every year and spend ages going through the specification lists, deciding what to get when I could actually afford one. Here's the early 1997 edition. It features the original Superlight, as well as Ford classics, K-series and Vauxhall De Dions, the JPE and Anniversary model. The prices are quite different from today!