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New Spark Plugs

As I've now done nearly 4,000 miles I'm taking the precaution of changing the spark plugs. The service schedule says every 2 years, but I want to upgrade from the standard plugs. Caterham do a set of NGK Iridium plugs that are used in the race engines.  I picked them up direct from the Dartford factory. Probably my last time there before they move to the new place down the road ! To change the plugs you first need to remove the cover plate. On mine this is held in place with 4 x 10mm nuts. Removing it reveals the ignition leads. I replaced one at a time, just to be sure, but each cable is a specific length for the cylinder. The lead simply pulls off the head of the plug, and then you need a 16mm spark plug socket on an extension to get down to the plugs themselves. The new plugs need to be torqued very low, between 10 ~ 15 lbft according to the NGK spec. I didn't change the gap spacing. Looking at the old spark plugs they seem to have a very healthy brown-tan colour on the

Taffia Fish & Chip Run

Having done London to Edinburgh and back last September, finally I have a chance to do another big trip. And it's more than just a trip, it's one of the biggest Owner's Club events, the classic Taffia Fish & Chip run. From it's original beginnings as a local area club blat, this has turned into a huge meeting with owners coming from all over the UK and beyond.  This is a well organised event, coordinated by the AR Andrew Wiggins, and I thought I had signed-up to registration back in January when it was first announced. Turned out that I hadn't, and checking the weather on the Wednesday it looks promising for the weekend. So a quick PM on BlatChat and I'm good to go. As my decision was confirmed on the Thursday morning, I could only get a hotel in North Bristol, at a very nice place called The Grange. It's out in the countryside and has secluded parking, so it's fine even though it's a 20 minute drive from the start venue in Chepstow which is over