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Recording video and audio

Having purchased a GoPro Max I initially tested doing 360 degree videos. However, recording audio with the built-in GoPro microphone just sounds terrible. So I record the sound using a separate Zoom H1n audio recorder. Then I have to edit the video and audio track together. I only have iMovie and I ran into a problem with the 360 videos. When you export the video from iMovie the 360 image is incorrectly stitched together, giving a weird seam which looks really bad.  So today I decided to do a test using Hero mode on the GoPro instead of 360 mode. I think the results are much better, and the video is in mp4 format straightaway. There are no problems using iMovie, removing the original audio and then adding my new stereo track. Whilst 360 videos are kinda fun, I think this Hero mode video is better quality and the audio sounds great!

First annual service

Today was the first annual service. A last trip to Caterham Gatwick before it closes in September. I've done 4,600 miles. A good effort ! Still quite a lot of activity there, but they are winding down. There will be no Factory service option when it closes. All servicing will be through the dealerships. They are still building Sigma-engined road cars for export to Japan. There's 2 of them here. They saved a batch of engines just for them. There were also some 420s and 620s waiting for delivery. My car had no particular issues. They changed the oil and tightened some bolts, that was all. On leaving there was another Super Seven 1600, one of the first cars. Apparently it also lives in Romford. They only made 40 cars so that's quite a coincidence !