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Seat base adjustment

My car has very comfortable leather seats, ones with vertical fluting and a nicer material than the standard items. However, the base of the seat has a lot of foam padding at the front which gives a high angle where your legs rest (the top seat in the picture above). This results in a knees-raised driving position which is very different from the Tillets and other race seats. You have to move the seat forward in order to extend your leg to press the clutch and accelerator without having to force down on the cushioning, which can lead to cramp. It also gives less space between the seat edge and the bottom of the steering wheel. So, I decided to change the driver's side seat and lower the angle of the leading edge by removing the cushioning from the front section. The leather is just glued in place, so it's easy to undo and get access to the foam. You can see how thick it is at the front there. I removed all of that and then re-glued the leather into place. Now we have a much low