First service

Time for the first service at Caterham Gatwick. This is an initial check over the car at 1,000 miles (or 3 months). I've done 1,500 already in 2 months!

There were a couple of items that got fixed. They drained the cooling system to check for an air lock, removed the boot floor to tighten the fuel sender unit, and realigned the headlamps as one came loose. Took about 4 hours but got to chat with James and Alex and the service guys were very good. There's not a lot of cars to view at Gatwick anymore, but I did get to see the new Super Sevens. I still think the 1600 Sigma with the Jenveys is the proper engine.. 

There were also a couple of new cars awaiting delivery.

The Lamborghini Purple looks very nice!