LED front indicators

Having previously got the Just Add Lightness front headlights, today I received the front indicators. These are direct replacements for the standard front indicator bulbs, sitting in the same holders. I also ordered clear lenses to replace the current orange ones.

Fitting is simply a matter of unscrewing the lens and replacing the old bulb with the new unit. The only other issue is the relay may need replacing due to the low power that the LEDs use. I ordered this as well, and replaced the old relay with the new one on the main fuse board. Identifying the indicator relay is easy as you can hear and feel it working when the indicators are on.

Results look great and they are much brighter than the standard units. The only incandescent bulbs remaining are the side indicator repeaters on the front wings. I'm probably going to leave these for now as replacing them means digging out the wiring that is buried in the glue that holds the wing to the stay.