Shower cap and hood bag

Having got the car back from ceramic coating I finally tested out my Soft Bits shower cap.

It fits very nicely around the edges of the boot cover and sidescreens, and is very easy to put on. I'll definitely be using this on my trip to Edinburgh soon. I put some little strips of Helicopter tape on the rear panel to protect the paintwork where the hooks fix under the chassis. Normally the rear elastic is placed under the fog and reverse units, but my car doesn't have them so I spec'd the shower cap with the additional hooks. 

I've also purchased a Soft Bits hood bag. The half hood is actually quite difficult to get in, as the zips don't extend the whole length of the bag. However, my main reason for getting it is to help reduce water ingress from the rear. 

The hood bag fits nicely into the space between the boot cover and the bottom edge of the half hood. I'm hoping this will change the air flow around the back of the car, and reduce water spray being sucked into the cabin when driving in the wet.

Haven't tested this yet, but it's worth a try. I filled it with a rug and a towel to keep it in shape. They might be useful things to carry anyway. Note that I deleted the rear panel carpet when I spec'd the car so the back panel is just aluminium. In the rain it'll get wet, and this way you can just wipe it dry.