Interior spec

So along with the heritage external styling the Super Seven 1600 came with some really nice interior features. Some were standard, such as the Smiths dials and chrome gear knob, and others were optional extras. I tried to keep these to a minimum, but got a couple of items that really suit the car.

Firstly, the Moto-Lita steering wheel which I really like. It looks and feels great, and I think it's easier to use than the small Momo ones. The steering feels perfectly weighted and not at all twitchy with this wheel. I also went for the Biscuit Beige leather dash and gaitors which I think work really well. I gives the interior a 2-tone effect with the black leather seats and other panels. The quality of the leather on the seats seems better than the regular ones, and everything smells amazing. One thing I would like to do is swap the vinyl sidescreen armrests for matching beige leather ones. This may happen soon..