Fuse box arrangement

One thing that has puzzled me is the arrangement of the fuses. The online Owner's Manual has a diagram for the layout in the 170 and Duratec cars, but nothing for Sigmas. My fuse box looks like this:

After a call with Caterham, we finally identified the fuses. You have to rotate the Figure 24 in the manual (the layout from the 170), and then ignore the centre row which are spares. Then apply the numbering system from the table in the manual titled 275/280. The number 1 fuse is in the bottom left row, running to number 10 in the bottom right. Then 11 is top row right going to 20 at the top left. 

That wasn't exactly obvious. The fuses are very tightly located and access is awkward. I managed to remove a fuse using a little plastic fuse extractor tool (available from Halfords). Note that they are Mini blade size fuses, not regular.