Early morning test drive

So today I did an early morning drive, leaving at 6am just as it was getting light. The objective (other than to get a drive when the roads are quiet) was to test the hood and the heater.

My route was through Brentwood to Chipping Ongar, then across the A414 to the M11 junction. Then back down the M11 and M25 to home. This was the first time I have driven it with the roof on and it works really well. It's not flappy at all, even at 70mph, and nothing mists up like it does with the full hood. Access is easy with the zips. The heater works very well too, giving a nice cabin temperature when I was just wearing a t-shirt. Altogether a very usable setup.

I've done 300 miles now. Another 200 and I can finally start to use all of the rev range.