The hood dilemma

I've owned 2 sevens in the past; an original 1.6 Superlight (no windscreen therefore not much use on the road) and a 1.8 K-series Roadsport which had a windscreen and full weather equipment. Now that car was very driveable on the road, so much so that I did 30k miles in 4 years. However, the one thing I never liked was the full hood. It's such a faff to put on/remove, makes getting into the car extremely tricky, and in the rain everything mists up. Not ideal.

In the 14 years since I sold that car I've had lower back issues (surgery last year!) so with the exhaust now on the driver's side there's no way I'm going to be able to use a full hood. Even though I'm in South-East England some kind of hood is going to be necessary, so I've settled on a custom half-hood.

I got this direct from Oxted Trimming. It's mohair with Old English piping and welting, with additional Easy-In zips. It looks great, and I'm hoping it'll work well on the car. Just for good measure I got a mohair boot cover to match.

Going to look lovely. I'll detail the fitting of these when the car arrives.