My previous form

As mentioned I've owned sevens before. My first was a 1.6 Superlight, number 126 (as far as I remember). I ordered it as a factory build in 2000 and owned it for a year and a half before selling it back to Caterham. They then used it as a mock-up demonstrator for the new R300 model. Here's a pic of the car as shown in the 2002 brochure.

  Note the rather nice split-rim mag wheels with body-coloured centres, which I spec'd originally! As a side note, after 2 months of ownership Simon Lambert rang me up and said "Can you bring your car back to the factory for a little upgrade? We need to fit a Watts linkage else the rear wheels could fall off"..

Here's another press pic of the car with some odd wheels.

Then in 2004 I ordered a factory built 1.8 Roadsport 140 Xpower, this time with a windscreen and weather equipment (although for some reason no heater). Same colour, Lotus Azure Blue metallic.

That was a great car, did 30k miles and lots of adventures. I ordered it January 2004 at a list price of £21,190. Picked it up from the factory just 6 months later. How times have changed !