About the Super Seven 1600

So whilst I'm waiting for news on the build I thought I'd do a post with some general info on the Super Seven 1600 model. In late 2016 Caterham introduced a limited edition called the Sprint. This was a heritage version of the Suzuki-powered 160, designed to look like the original Lotus 7s from the 1960s. This was followed up by the Super Sprint in late 2017. Both models were popular with customers, selling-out their 60 unit runs in record time. On the back of these it must have been an obvious decision to create a heritage version of the standard Sigma-engined car and in April 2020 they introduced the Super Seven 1600.

This is basically a 270 model (specifically the EU 275) with the 135bhp 1.6 Ford Sigma engine but with styling cues from Caterhams of the 1970s and 80s. Crucially they also did a mechanical change, replacing the standard induction unit with the Jenvey twin throttle bodies.

On the exterior we get the flared wings, chrome finishes to the windscreen and wipers, chrome grill and filler cap from the Sprint, and K&N air filters sticking out of the bonnet (on the S3). Note that wide-track front suspension comes as standard on the S3 chassis here. The exhaust is the EU-variant system, with the catalytic converter inside the engine bay. My car should come with the new LED rear lights, removing the old fog and reverse units. I've also spec'd it without the spare wheel carrier for a super clean look !

(images from EVO)

On the interior we have chrome-bezelled Smiths dials and then lots of optional leather bits. The wood-rimmed Moto-Lita steering wheel is also an optional extra. I've ordered this on mine, along with the biscuit beige leather dash and gaitors as shown here. 

Sadly I couldn't stretch to the matching seats so I'll make do with the black leather ones. With the Caribbean Blue metallic paint it should look pretty good.

Here's a good review by Car Obsession.

And another by CarOnlineTV (in Portuguese, but you can understand almost everything he's saying and the engine sounds great).

Caterham did quite a lot of promotional work for the vehicle, including creating a micro-site here:

There was also a brochure and other marketing material created by Stacy Freeman

As for production numbers, when I ordered my car last June I was told that they had made 30 so far. As that was the last day of orders for Sigma cars there will be around 40 in total, making it even more limited edition than the Sprints/Super Sprints !