Fixing the LED front lights

With winter approaching I've spotted a small issue with my front LED headlights. My dipped beam is very bright, whilst switching to main beam is dimmer. On closer inspection it's obvious that the dipped and main beam are reversed ! A quick look at the wiring confirms the issue.

The wire with the red stripe on the chassis side is joining the blue wire from the light, whilst the white stripe cable joins to the red wire from the light. This is the wrong way around. I'm not sure if the original candle lights were wired-up correctly, as I never actually tested them. Anyway fixing was fairly straightforward, although having prised out the cables from the chassis side of the connector block they didn't want to go back in. I simply attached them directly to the pins on the male side of the block and insulated them with tape. Now I have properly functioning headlights !

For clarity the correct operation is:

Side lights - centre bar on.

Dipped beam - bottom half lights up (the red wire is powered).

Main beam - top half light up, bottom half goes out (the blue wire is powered).